friendly fraud

Merchant Disputes – Cases of friendly fraud arising after the holiday seasons

A concerning trend in friendly fraud is emerging! A staggering 62% of merchants have reported a notable increase in occurrences between 2021 and 2022.  Additionally, disputes experience a significant spike of up to 16% year over year from December through March, and again in August – immediately after the bustling end of year holidays and starting the summer seasons.

It is found that the months following the busiest holiday seasons witness a surge in disputes for merchants. While sales soar during these celebrations, the onset of January brings about buyer’s remorse, leading to a sharp uptick in post-season disputes. Customers who are unable to return merchandise due to expired return policies may resort to disputes as a means to seek refunds for unwanted goods.

It is imperative for merchants to proactively implement a robust solution to safeguard themselves from unnecessary disputes and duplicate refunds following the holiday rush! Don’t let your business fall victim to fraudulent activities.