Brand Monitoring

Prevention is better than cure – Protecting Your Reputation, Business Value, Customers, Staffs, Partners and Digital Assets from Brand Abuses

Building up a well-known and trustworthy brand image requires years with much marketing efforts and huge investments. Nevertheless, scammers always make use of fraudulent links with look-alike corporate or brand URLs and websites sent by emails, instant messaging, apps, social networking platforms and paid search. They are trying to collect users’ sensitive personal information like login ID, password and credit card numbers for illegal activities. No company can afford the cost of reputation damage, revenue loss, lawsuits, customer complaints, data breach or even shut down of business caused by illicit websites.

The fraudulent sites bring great threats and drive imminent need for corporate to formulate a comprehensive brand protection strategy. Since fraudulent or phishing websites are quickly forwarded with desktops or mobile devices and often only operate for few days, it poses a challenge for IT staffs to tackle the urgent security and privacy problems within a short period of time.

Austreme Brand Monitoring Solution is to tackle the evolving brand abuses and misuse of domain names that may ruin your corporate and business. It helps to protect your customers, staffs and partners from phishing or other types of social engineering attacks.

Who Needs It?

  • Security / IT professionals
  • Legal / Compliance Executives
  • Marketing / Corporate Communications Officers
  • Brand owners


How do Fraudulent Websites Work?

Fraudulent websites disguise as legitimate, official brand sites and make use of several common ways to cheat a user, for example:

  • Personal record / membership information update in exchange of gift
  • Lucky draw / survey / free trial / family and friends referral / promotion activity / game
  • Login to check abnormal banking activities / transactions / statements / billing
  • Deceitful job postings


Criminals forge websites and ruin your brand by:

  • Selling the data collected from fraudulent websites
  • Undertaking unlawful banking activities / transactions
  • Confusing innocent customers with sale of counterfeiting products or fake services


Service Details


  • Demonstrating positive corporate and brand image, integrity and value

  • Maintaining high level of security towards enterprise data, customer and staff credentials by preventing identity theft and data breach caused by mimic websites

  • Providing a fully automated monitoring platform that simplifies time-intensive manual checking and reduces workload of staff

  • Securing your corporate assets such as websites, trademarks, patent, confidential company information, copyrights, etc. across different online channels

  • Fostering immediate enforcement with advanced alert of suspicious sites or activities

  • With prior instruction from customers, Austreme can provide investigation, mitigation support and one-stop enforcement service (e.g. distribution of cease-and-desist/authorization letters, collaboration with ISPs/hosting service providers/ICANN/TMCH, etc. and ask for take down / termination of IP infringement sites)

  • Avoiding fines, penalties, or non-compliance of relevant policy (UDRP), industry rules and regulations
    Providing reports for further action or submission

  • Serving as an evidence or proof of subsequent remediation action taken for submitting to corresponding authorities

  • Avoiding dilution of business and web traffic caused by fake websites or counterfeits sold in fraudulent sites

Why Austreme?

  • Industry expertise and know-how with years of experience in working across various industries
  • Fast and easy deployment with no installation required
  • Close partnership with ISPs, hosting service providers, industry associations, enforcement units and sentinels to provide intelligence and signals of potential scams
  • We became MasterCard Worldwide’s approved Merchant Monitoring Service Provider. With this accreditation from MasterCard, acquiring banks in the world which use Austreme technology can avoid MasterCard’s heavy penalty in case of brand protection violations


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