SiteInspect Web Content Monitoring

 A Patented Technology

Web content monitoring

 Listed in the Mastercard Champion Program

This program is led by Mastercard and supported by Austreme to assist banks and payment service providers in China to offer a secure and compliant e-commerce payment service.

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An Intelligent Merchant Web Content Monitoring

SiteInspect Web Content Monitoring is a unique solution for card schemes, acquirers and payment service providers to keep a close watch on products, services and general content classification of merchant websites. It helps to uncover the high-risk or illegal contents forbidden by card schemes’ rules such as Visa Integrity Risk Program (VIRP), MasterCard Business Risk Assessment and Mitigation (BRAM) as well as local laws.

With SiteInspect, risk management officers are able to identify the business nature of merchant websites at a quick glance and ensure merchant websites are in compliance with related rules.

The “Brand Discovery Mechanism” of SiteInspect has been granted a patent.

Patented Technology

The “Brand Discovery Mechanism” for web crawling of SiteInspect has been granted a patent.

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Who Needs It?

  • Acquirers
  • Card Brands
  • PSP, PF & ISO
  • Brand Owners

Service Details

Benefits of Web Content Monitoring

  • Simplifying the time-consuming merchant compliance checks and investigation

  • Monitoring merchants with consistent and unified standard

  • Detecting and preventing merchants from undergoing payment card transactions of illegal or high-risk businesses
  • Avoiding rule violations and penalties

  • Serving as a general merchant background check and technical KYC during underwriting process

  • Demonstrating positive business reputation and good brand protection

  • Taking timely actions on suspicious merchant sites

Technology Highlights

  • No installation is required

  • Classifying website content in multi-languages

  • Providing detailed history of merchant websites. For example, if a merchant website was previously determined as gambling category and the merchant is now selling apparel, such result can be traced in the site history

  • Fully integrated with MasterCard MMP reporting system: By default, this function is optional. User can opt-in to submit reports to MasterCard for BRAM violations by providing formal instruction to Austreme

  • Supporting over 30 languages

High-Risk Web Content Under Monitoring:

  • Illegal sale of drugs that are prohibited by applicable law from being sold

  • Illegal sale of prescription drugs

  • Illegal sale of tobacco products

  • Brand-damaging sale of images of offensive and / or non-consensual adult pornography

  • Illegal sale of images of child exploitation

  • Facilitation of unregistered DWOs, binary option trades, Internet gambling, lottery courier services and / or Daily Fantasy Sports in jurisdictions where it is illegal

  • Sale of goods or services in violation of intellectual property rights

  • Sale of illegal electronic devices (such as mobile repeaters (UK), circumvention devices, modification chips and jammers)

  • Sale of certain types of drugs or chemicals (such as synthetic drugs, salvia divinorum, psilocybin mushrooms and spores, and nitrite inhalants)

  • Sale of counterfeit, unapproved and / or expired medical and dental devices

  • Proxy avoidance services to circumvent rules or regulations related to IP address blocking

  • Illegal wildlife trade

  • Illegal sale of any other products or services and more …

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