Mastercard Merchant Monitoring Program

This program is led by Mastercard and supported by Austreme to assist banks and payment service providers to offer a secure and compliant e-commerce payment service.

Latest Update

Payment Ecosystem Maintainer

The Mastercard Merchant Monitoring Program (MMP) is designed to ensure the integrity of the payment ecosystem by monitoring and managing the activities of merchants. This program focuses on identifying and mitigating risks associated with merchants who may be involved in fraudulent or non-compliant activities. By leveraging sophisticated technology and data analysis, MMP aims to detect problematic merchants and take appropriate actions to prevent potential fraud and compliance issues.

Who Needs It?

  • Acquirers
  • PSP, PF & ISO

Program Details

Key Features of MMP

  • Continuous monitoring of merchant activities

  • Risk assessment and compliance enforcement

  • Collaboration with acquirers for better oversight
  • Advanced analytics to detect and prevent fraud

  • Mitigation of non-compliance issues

With Austreme As MMSP

MMSP: Merchant Monitoring Service Provider

SiteInspect Web Content Monitoring

SiteInspect Web Content Monitoring is a unique solution for card schemes, acquirers and payment service providers to keep a close watch on products, services and general content classification of merchant websites. It helps to uncover the high-risk or illegal contents forbidden by card schemes’ rules such as Visa Integrity Risk Program (VIRP), MasterCard Business Risk Assessment and Mitigation (BRAM) and more.


  • Simplify time-consuming merchant compliance checks and investigations
  • Ensure monitoring quality with unified standards
  • Verify merchant website content to avoid policy violations and fines

Transaction Laundering Detection

World’s First TLD Solution


Merchant transaction laundering is the action whereby a merchant processes payment card transactions on behalf of another merchant (also known in the industry as “transaction aggregation”). It may trigger non-compliance as well as assessments for non-compliance with other rules, such as card acceptor business codes (MCC) miscoding violations or failure to register a high-risk merchant through the card schemes’ program.


  • Registering MasterCard’s Champion Program through Austreme can help avoid hefty fines
  • Integrated services provide merchant onboarding checks, online illegal sub-merchant detection, and e-commerce illegal content monitoring
  • Reduce the workload and operational costs for underwriting and risk management staff
  • Minimize business, reputational, and financial risks

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