Chargeback Prevention Service

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Chargeback Prevention

Upon receiving pre-dispute alerts from Ethoca, Austreme will forward case information to the merchant, payment service provider or acquirer. Cardholder-confirmed fraud or pre-disputes will be alerted in Austreme’s Chargeback Prevention System, giving merchants the opportunity to prevent a dispute. If merchant wishes to set-up Auto-Refund, Austreme can facilitate auto refund by transmitting validation information and initiating refunds via Visa CyberSource or Mastercard MPGS.

Two Chargeback Services

Chargeback Prevention

Chargeback Prevention with Auto-Refund

Who Needs It


Payment Service Providers

Acquiring Banks

How it Works


  • Providing a fully automated dispute resolution system that simplifies time-intensive manual handling and reduces workload of staff

  • Easy and seamless to integrate via API
  • Online portal for easy access and case management, anywhere any time
  • Simplify communications with issuer by returning feedback or actions taken regarding the pre-dispute 
  • Set up auto refund to enhance and create a frictionless dispute management


  • Prevent chargebacks
  • Reduce chargeback ratio and amount
  • Stop fulfillment to customer and recover goods
  • Minimise friendly fraud
  • Recover revenue loss and dispute related costs
  • Save time spent on managing disputes
  • Improve overall customer experience
  • Seamless pre-dispute management

Our Compatibility


by mastercard


by mastercard


a Visa Solution

Why Austreme


Quality and intelligent merchant services developed by our team


A global Fintech Company trusted by customers and banks worldwide


Decades of experience working with merchants, acquirers and payment service providers


Daily support from our qualified and professional in-house IT team

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