As fraud and chargebacks are constantly evolving and on the rise in the ecommerce world, it is crucial for merchants to adopt solutions to reduce fraud and chargebacks. In these instances, it is essential that merchants are aware of and respond to potential disputes in a timely manner – so that they are able to stop delivery of goods and services to fraudulent customers, and therefore retain the cost of goods that would be otherwise lost.

Austreme is pleased to announce its collaboration with Ethoca, a Mastercard company, in a technology integration partnership, that will further boost its comprehensive portfolio of ecommerce merchant services. By reselling Ethoca Alerts through Austreme, Austreme will be able to support merchants through API integration and connectivity, as well as through data analysis. Merchants can now obtain near real-time dispute alerts, automate their dispute management and simplify the refund process to offer a better customer experience.

By providing fraud and chargeback data from their global network of issuers and acquirers in near real time, Ethoca Alerts enables merchants to take action against potential chargebacks by stopping order fulfilment and/or refunding the customer purchase – therefore counteracting the chargeback. Ethoca Alerts can help merchants fight fraud, reduce chargebacks, reduce chargeback related costs and improve overall customer satisfaction and experience.

About Ethoca

Ethoca is an award-winning provider of collaboration-based intelligence and technology solutions that empower businesses around the world to fight fraud, prevent disputes and improve the customer experience. Powered by the ever-growing Ethoca Network, Ethoca solutions provide rich intelligence throughout the purchase journey to close costly communication gaps between all stakeholders in the payments ecosystem. Thousands of the world’s biggest ecommerce brands, the largest banks, service providers and consumers benefit through this collaboration. For the first time, fraud, customer dispute and purchase insights are now available and actionable in real time – delivering significant revenue-growth and cost saving opportunities for all. Ethoca was acquired by Mastercard in April 2019. Please visit for more information.


About Austreme

Austreme is a leading FinTech company specializing in merchant and payment intelligence, helping brand owners, acquiring banks and payment service providers monitor and detect online merchants’ illegal and brand-damaging transactions under international card associations’ global brand protection program. Austreme provides a wide range of financial risk management services for customers globally, specializing in big data analytics, anti-transaction laundering, online store illegal content monitoring and merchant onboarding. For more information about Austreme, please visit