The Visa Integrity Risk Program (VIRP) will replace Visa’s current Global Brand Protection Program (GBPP), and will subsequently enforce the term “High-Integrity Risk Merchants” in place of its current “High-Brand Risk Merchants”. The VIRP is designed to protect Visa’s payment system from fraudulent transactions by ensuring that acquirers and designated agents maintain appropriate controls and oversight processes.

VIRP Summary:

  • There are three tiers of High-Integrity Risk, each of which is subject to appropriate due diligence requirements
  • Prior approval by Visa will be required for any High-Integrity Risk acquirers and designated agents before onboarding merchants that are subject to the VIRP
  • Separate approvals are required for each MCC under the Tier 1 category
  • Obtaining a Tier 1 category approval will cover all Tier 2 and Tier 3 categories. Similarly, a Tier 2 category approval will cover Tier 3 categories
  • Merchants operating in High-Integrity Risk categories must be registered by their High-Integrity Risk acquirers via the High-Integrity Risk Registration (HIRR) system; previously called the High-Risk Merchant (HRM) Registration system
  • High-Integrity Risk acquirers will be subject to Visa control assessments
  • From June 2023, Visa Fraud Monitoring Program (VFMP) and the Visa Dispute Monitoring Program (VDMP) will be updated to reflect the new High-Integrity Risk MCCs


VIRP High-Integrity Risk MCCs: 

High-Integrity Risk Merchant Tier


Tier 1

5967 – Direct Marketing – Inbound Teleservices Merchant

7273 – Dating Services

7995 – Betting, including Lottery Tickets, Casino Gaming Chips, Off-Track Betting, Wagers at Race Tracks and games of chance to win prizes of monetary value

5122 – Drugs, Drug Proprietaries, and Druggist Sundries

5912 – Drug Stores and Pharmacies

Tier 2

6051 – Non-Financial Institutions – Foreign Currency, Non-Fiat Currency (e.g., Cryptocurrency), Money Orders (Not Money Transfer), Account Funding (not Stored Value Load), Travelers Cheques, and Debt Repayment

6012 – Financial Institutions – Merchandise, Services, and Debt Repayments

4816 – Computer Network / Information Services

5816 – Digital Goods – Games

Tier 3

6211 – Security Brokers / Dealers

5966 – Direct Marketing – Outbound Telemarketing Merchant

5968 – Direct Marketing – Continuity / Subscription Merchant

5993 – Cigar Stores and Stands



For more details about the merchant categories and the latest VIRP information, please visit the Global Brand Protection Program page at Visa Online.


Source: Visa Business News 6th April 2023 Release