Merchant and Transaction Monitoring Direct API 

Take Control of Merchant and Transaction Monitoring

with Direct Monitoring API


Monitor your merchant websites seamlessley using our SiteInspect API

Flexible Control

Take advantage of Transaction Laundering Detection API to easily identify any suspicious merchant activity

Operational Efficiency

Reduce time spent manually monitoring and evaluating merchant risk


Websites Monitoring Daily

Hour scanning

API Details


  • Reducing manual effort and operation cost

  • Mitigating business, reputation and financial risks

  • Taking timely actions on suspicious merchant sites

  • Mitigating human errors of manual checking

  • Seamless and simple API integration

Simple Risk Management Lifecycle

  • Register all contracted IDs, URLs and MCCs

  • Detect unauthorized URLs, either shared account or aggregated transactions

  • Alert authorized personnel to investigate, report content includes:

    • Merchant name (with assigned merchant ID)

    • URL(s)

    • MCC

    • Violation type

    • Violation category

    • URL content details

  • Investigate report findings

  • Action

    • Date of findings resolved

    • Investigate findings and final resolution status

High-Risk Content Under Monitoring:

  • Illegal sale of drugs that are prohibited by applicable law from being sold

  • Illegal sale of prescription drugs

  • Illegal sale of tobacco products

  • Brand-damaging sale of images of offensive and / or non-consensual adult pornography

  • Illegal sale of images of child exploitation

  • Facilitation of unregistered DWOs, binary option trades, Internet gambling, lottery courier services and / or Daily Fantasy Sports in jurisdictions where it is illegal

  • Sale of goods or services in violation of intellectual property rights

  • Sale of illegal electronic devices (such as mobile repeaters (UK), circumvention devices, modification chips and jammers)

  • Sale of certain types of drugs or chemicals (such as synthetic drugs, salvia divinorum, psilocybin mushrooms and spores, and nitrite inhalants)

  • Sale of counterfeit, unapproved and / or expired medical and dental devices

  • Proxy avoidance services to circumvent rules or regulations related to IP address blocking

  • Illegal wildlife trade

  • Illegal sale of any other products or services and more …

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