The 2023 Intelligent Business Opportunity Make IT Happen event organised by the Junior Chamber International Peninsula invites founders of innovation and technology industry to share past experience, personal experience and insights on future development to students in college. By matching students with social enterprises, it aims to help students understand the operation of social enterprises, use technology to solve the pain points of social enterprises and promote them to the public. At the same time, the event intends to recruit college students who are interested in joining the innovation and technology industry, and deepen their understanding through matching, training and mentoring.

Terence Chau, Director of Austreme participated in the final round on the panel of judges to select winners of the competition tasked to propose tech business ideas to improve services provided by carers in our society.

About the Event

This program will provide opportunities including

  • Innovation and Technology Learning,
  • Shadow CEO,
  • Innovation and Technology Visit,
  • Overseas Exchange and
  • Social Enterprise Promotion

The program targets college students of any discipline to embark on a journey of innovation, technology and entrepreneurship, and encourage students to expand the future and realize their dreams.

About Junior Chamber International Peninsula

Founded in 1969, the association is the fourth branch established in Hong Kong, the first Chinese branch, and a non-profit organisation registered with the Hong Kong government. Junior Chamber International Peninsula adhere to the youth business spirit of “serving the society and training ourselves” to achieve the following goals: Caring for the society, shouldering civic responsibilities, planning and implementing constructive activities, building a harmonious society, developing personal potential, exercising leadership skills, promoting business cooperation opportunities and the hard work of the international development network over the years.

The four major development opportunities are to develop the potential of young people. Through participation in planning various activities, they can learn from experience and enrich themselves, so that they can be cultivated into “today’s young businessmen, tomorrow’s leaders.”