Austreme SiteInspect and Transaction Laundering Detection is Mastercard Payment Gateway Services (MPGS) enabled

Oct 11, 2022 – Hong Kong

Austreme’s SiteInspect and Transaction Laundering Detection now support MPGS gateway, enabling near real-time merchant monitoring for acquirers and payment service providers. Both patented technologies – the connectivity with Mastercard Payment Gateway Services will greatly assist the payment industry with refining and improving the speed of detection in inconsistencies between merchant sites and their actual transactions and sales volumes.

“The latest implementation with Mastercard’s Payment Gateway Services will help to improve the accuracy and efficiency of Austreme’s SiteInspect and Transaction Laundering Detection monitoring services, and provide a more wholistic view for merchant data risk analysis and reporting. We anticipate enhanced merchant reports and near real-time monitoring so that we can improve the overall merchant monitoring capability and prevent fines from card schemes.” stated Terence Chau, the Director of Austreme.

The intelligent engines are designed to aid risk management teams identify the business nature of merchant websites at quick glance, and ensure merchant websites are in compliance with related rules – including online money laundering. Austreme’s SiteInspect and Transaction Laundering Detection can help acquirers and payment service providers uncover highly suspicious merchant sites, as well as potential shell site or online money laundering.

The MPGS supported SiteInspect and Transaction Laundering Detection services are now available, please contact us for more information.


About Austreme

Austreme is an industry leader in forensic fintech, helping brand owners, acquiring banks and payment service providers monitor and detect online merchants’ illegal and brand-damaging transactions under international card associations’ global brand protection program. We provide a wide range of financial risk management services for customers globally, specializing in big data analytics, anti-transaction laundering, online store illegal content monitoring and merchant onboarding. For more information about Austreme, please visit