(Oct 9, 2019 – Hong Kong) Austreme has been granted a patent for its transaction laundering detection (TLD) technology – a pioneering technology that assists the payment industry in detecting transactions from unauthorized e-commerce websites.


“Since Austreme’s development of the world’s first transaction laundering detection service in 2010, we have effectively helped banks and payment companies mitigate and prevent billions of dollars of fines from card schemes,” stated Terence Chau, the Director of Austreme.


Austreme processes tens of millions of websites daily, and continuously feed data to their machine learning systems for tracing and detection of high-risk transactions. Through incorporating Austreme’s other patented technology that is used in web content monitoring, we have assisted clients greatly in reducing threats from money laundering, suspicious transactions, and illegitimate businesses. These patent qualifications have demonstrated the value we provide to our clients and our contribution to the industry.


With proven track records of mitigating acquiring risks for years, TLD and web content monitoring services are being used in Mastercard Champion Program by China acquirers and payment facilitators. As a world-leading RegTech and FinTech company, Austreme will continue to invent the newest and most advanced technologies to regularly enhance our service.


About Transaction Laundering Detection Solution

TLD solution is a comprehensive tool to help banks and payment companies to comply with rules and regulations such as Visa Global Brand Protection Program (GBPP), MasterCard Business Risk Assessment and Mitigation (BRAM) and local laws. While over 90% of non-compliant transactions are executed through transaction laundering, TLD solution is a must-have tool to detect unauthorized transactions which may lead to heavy penalties.


About Austreme

Austreme is an industry leader in forensic fintech, helping brand owners, acquiring banks and payment service providers monitor and detect online merchants’ illegal and brand-damaging transactions under international card associations’ global brand protection program. We provide a wide range of financial risk management services for customers globally, specializing in big data analytics, anti-transaction laundering, online store illegal content monitoring and merchant onboarding. For more information about Austreme, please visit https://www.austreme.com. Information of Transaction Laundering Detection service can be referred to https://www.austreme.com/en/transaction-laundering-detection/.