Austreme’s Cloud Infrastructure & Services are now certified to comply PCI-DSS 2.0 by an Australian Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) Stickman Consulting. Austreme’s PCI-Compliant Cloud Security Services include:


  • Website Protection Service

    Helps merchants to protect their online shopping carts to avoid credit card or sensitive data leakage or hacker attacks.

  • Anti-Fraud Cloud (AFC) Aggregation Monitoring Service 

    Helps card brands, acquiring banks & payment gateways to detect illegal merchant payment aggregation. Now, customers can choose to host Austreme AFC Technology to collect, correlate & analyse data all at customer’s facility OR choose to be monitored by Austreme’s PCI-Compliant AFC System in the cloud, i.e. no software and hardware to be installed at customer’s facility.

  • PCI Hosting Service

    Merchants can now host their online business on a peace-of-mind PCI-Compliant secure hosting environment.