Austreme announces a new partnership with WeTech, officially signed on September 5, 2023 in Shenzhen.

This strategic partnership was formed to cooperate in financial technology, with goals to prevent transaction fraud, reduce chargebacks, improve transaction monitoring and incorporate merchant risk monitoring. WeTech, a subsidiary of Tencent, is a leading technology/data company in China that focuses on cross-border financial technologies and risk. Through this partnership, WeTech will become the first partner to be integrating Austreme’s API in China.

WeTech will become an authorised reseller of Austreme’s merchant monitoring services SiteInspect (SI) and Transaction Laundering Detection (TLD), as well as Austreme’s latest pre-dispute service – Chargeback Prevention (CBP). Austreme’s SI, TLD and CBP services are effective solutions to help manage online payment risk from merchant onboarding to transaction monitoring and even dispute prevention. Austreme’s tools help acquirers and payment companies ensure merchant compliance with card scheme rules and regulations, thus minimising the risk of fines for violating card scheme standards.

“We are looking forward to our partnership with WeTech, a company that shares similar financial risk goals as Austreme, and to further our reach into mainland China,” stated Terence Chau, Director of Austreme. He continues, “WeTech will become our first partner to integrate Austreme’s API in China”.

About Austreme:

A global RegTech company, Austreme is an industry leader specialising in ecommerce acquiring payment risk technologies and services. We provide a wide range of financial risk management services for global customers such as big data analytics, anti-transaction laundering, merchant website risk content monitoring, merchant onboarding and chargeback prevention. Austreme is a MasterCard Merchant Monitoring Service Provider (MMSP) since 2015, and a Visa Third Party Agent (TPA).

About WeTech:

WeTech is deeply involved in the financial technology industry and is a subsidiary of Tencent in overseas financial risk control. WeTech focuses on cross-border financial risk control and is a multi-scenario, big data, fully intelligent financial technology product service provider. WeTech has the world’s most cutting-edge database, powerful data analysis capabilities and risk control models, automatic decision-making engines, etc. It has served many independent websites, leading sellers, website building platforms/payment companies, etc., and is committed to providing merchants and payment companies with complete risk management solutions.

Contact: Dominic Chow