Artzioneer to utilise Austreme as its Service Provider for validating NFT ownership and creators


Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have enabled and made it more accessible for designers and artists to list their creations online in digital market places. Through exposure to a global customer base of buyers and collectors, artists are able to capitalise on their designs. However, the underlying concern lies in the ownership of NFTs and the rights of its content – since any content that can be digitised can be transformed into an NFT.

In short, NFTs traded on the marketplace are essentially the transfer of certificate and contract, and not the artwork itself. Using the NFT, owners can establish that the content is unique, but it does not verify the ownership of the holder. So how can we validate ownership of NFTs? By implementing a layer of identity to NFTs, to verify that the certificate and contract are true.

The Artzioneer NFT marketplace currently features exclusive NFT art collections from brands including Hong Kong’s Ngong Ping 360. The Hong Kong based tourist attraction recently launched its Summer Special “360-degree Metaverse Experience” – allowing visitors to experience blockchain technology and create their first NFTs. All NFTs are uploaded via the Artzioneer NFT platform.

As a leading Fintech company with several patented technologies, Austreme is selected by Artzioneer to provide service in verifying the ownership of NFTs and creators, as part of Artzioneer’s NFT minting process.

About Artzioneer

Artzioneer is a one-stop digital art marketplace which focuses on building a community of art, self-expression, and imagination. As a NFT platform designed for the Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI), Artzioneer offers NFT services for creators, designers, artists, brands, collectors & followers among ONLINE, OFFLINE & METAVERSE (O2O2M). Artzioneer manages the project planning, auction transactions, marketing and blockchain technology implementation. Artzioneer is the first digital art marketplace designed specifically to inspire art. Artzioneer has been thoroughly researched and aims to bring proprietary technology to ensure security, ease of use, and creative tools. It is an art community like no other from which to share ideas, to collaborate, and to inspire. Artzioneer aims to create the experience and imagination of future generations with the most dynamic works and projects.

About Austreme

Austreme International is a leading FinTech company specializing in merchant and payment intelligence, helping brand owners, acquiring banks and payment service providers monitor and detect online merchants’ illegal and brand-damaging transactions under international card associations’ global brand protection program. We provide a wide range of financial risk management services for customers globally, specializing in big data analytics, anti-transaction laundering, online store illegal content monitoring and merchant onboarding. For more information about Austreme, please visit