VerifyStore Technical KYC

The Must-Have KYC Solution for Merchant Onboarding


It is of utmost importance that acquiring banks, Independent Sales Organization (ISOs), payment service providers (PSPs) or payment facilitators (PFs) must undertake due diligence to ensure the merchant’s business is legitimate and does not engage in any illegal and brand-damaging activity. VerifyStore is an extensive merchant monitoring tool to help risk management staff in the underwriting process when handling merchant account applications.

VerifyStore serves as a KYC evaluation on technical aspects, for example, discovering related inbound and outbound sites that link with the merchant, potential sales volume and any potential fraud risk before considering merchant agreement.

Who Needs It?

  • Acquirers
  • Card Brand
  • PSP, PF & ISO
  • Merchant

Three Steps to Go

Two Types of Merchant Seal

Display VerifyStore’s Brand Protection seal on shopping cart as a declaration of not selling illegal or brand-damaging goods and services. It enhances merchant’s reputation and trust to buyers.


  • Customized sign up page correspondent to client’s brand

  • 1 minute merchant sign up process

  • Technical risk assessment results

  • Building mutual trust between the acquirer / PSP and its merchants

  • Detecting malware and phishing attacks before leaking credit card or sensitive data

  • Avoiding brand damages and heavy penalties

  • Maintaining business reputation and following international credit card associations’ brand program

  • Supporting over 30 languages

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