Marketplace Content Monitoring Solution

Focused Monitoring of Brand Violation in your marketplace

Selling fake goods or IP infringing products online is illegal and strictly prohibited by laws. For online marketplace owner, it is very important to monitor the legitimacy of their sellers’ products which are posted and updated 24/7.

The diversified products from different categories require advanced monitoring and investigation technologies, brand knowledge and industry know-how. With expertise in providing brand protection services for clients, Austreme’s Marketplace Content Monitoring Solution (MCMS) helps marketplace owners to minimize risks from brand violations, lawsuits and penalties arising from sale of counterfeits.

With MCMS, illicit products are rejected in a fast and easy way before launching to market.

Who Needs It?

  • Acquirers
  • PSP, PF & ISO
  • Marketplace
  • Brand Owner
  • Seller

Service Details


  • Acting as a gatekeeper of quality assurance with a mix of Austreme’s proprietary technologies and market ingeniousness of highly experienced and well-trained brand analysts

  • Offering a more accurate product review for potential or known IP infringement products

  • Ensuring the credibility of trustworthy sellers in marketplace

  • Reducing costs of manual product review

  • Mitigating business, reputation, financial and legal risks, including avoiding violations of international IP laws, regulations and programs

  • Consistent monitoring with unified standard by combining client’s pre-defined areas and Austreme’s professional advice

  • Maintaining a high level of accountability

  • Providing reports for customer internal review or submission

Technology Highlights

  • Multi-dimensional approach which takes information such as product description, picture, price, seller product rejection rate, customer review and other historical records into account

  • Flexible system integration to client’s existing workflow

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