Transaction Laundering Detection

World’s First TLD Solution

What is Transaction Laundering?

Merchant transaction laundering is the action whereby a merchant processes payment card transactions on behalf of another merchant (also known in the industry as “transaction aggregation”). It may trigger non-compliance as well as assessments for non-compliance with other rules, such as card acceptor business codes (MCC) miscoding violations or failure to register a high-risk merchant through the card schemes’ program.

For more details, please read our blog post: What is Transaction Laundering

Who Needs It?

  • Acquirers
  • Card Brands
  • PSP, PF & ISO

Service Details

Austreme’s Transaction Laundering Detection technology is acknowledged by the Hong Kong Institute of Bankers as an outstanding RegTech & Risk Management vendor.


  • Avoiding heavy penalties by registering Austreme with MasterCard MMP

  • All-in-one solution for merchant onboarding, transaction laundering detection and online store illegal content monitoring

  • Reducing manual effort and operation cost of underwriting and risk management

  • Mitigating business, reputation and financial risks

  • Detecting malware and phishing attacks before leaking credit card for sensitive data by the merchants

Simple Risk Management Lifecycle

  • Register all contracted IDs, URLs and MCCs

  • Detect unauthorized URLs, either shared account or aggregated transactions

  • Alert authorized personnel to investigate, report content includes:

    • Merchant name (with assigned merchant ID)

    • URL(s)

    • MCC

    • Violation type

    • Violation category

    • URL content details

  • Investigate report findings

  • Action

    • Date of findings resolved

    • Investigate findings and final resolution status

Technology Highlights

  • No payment performance degradation
  • No manual log transfer required

  • No dependence on “referring URL” information to detect as it can be modified and is not reliable

  • No API or software enhancement required

  • No interruption of payment transaction

  • Supporting over 30 languages
  • Flexible implementation models:

    • Cloud-based: collect, store and analyse transaction laundering activities under payment industry security standard

    • Appliance-based: install at customer’s network

High-Risk Content Under Monitoring:

  • Illegal sale of drugs that are prohibited by applicable law from being sold

  • Illegal sale of prescription drugs

  • Illegal sale of tobacco products

  • Brand-damaging sale of images of offensive and / or non-consensual adult pornography

  • Illegal sale of images of child exploitation

  • Facilitation of unregistered DWOs, binary option trades, Internet gambling, lottery courier services and / or Daily Fantasy Sports in jurisdictions where it is illegal

  • Sale of goods or services in violation of intellectual property rights

  • Sale of illegal electronic devices (such as mobile repeaters (UK), circumvention devices, modification chips and jammers)

  • Sale of certain types of drugs or chemicals (such as synthetic drugs, salvia divinorum, psilocybin mushrooms and spores, and nitrite inhalants)

  • Sale of counterfeit, unapproved and / or expired medical and dental devices

  • Proxy avoidance services to circumvent rules or regulations related to IP address blocking

  • Illegal wildlife trade

  • Illegal sale of any other products or services and more …

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