(February 26, 2019 – Hong Kong) Austreme – a leading merchant compliance monitoring service provider, introduced Transaction Compliance Gateway (TCG) to the online payment industry. It is a powerful transaction monitoring tool assisting acquirers to build a secure and healthy merchant profile to comply with the rules and regulations of card schemes such as Visa GBPP and Mastercard BRAM.

“With the launch of TCG, acquirers can be more eager and aggressive in signing new merchants, who will be monitored closely by our pioneering technologies,” said Terence Chau, the Director of Risk and Compliance at Austreme. “We are pleased to see the first batch of pilot acquirers launched with live merchants, in the last 3 months – with many more participating in trial.  TCG is making life easier to do e-commerce acquiring business without worrying too much about Visa and MasterCard non-compliance issues.”


Powerful Features

  1. Seamless Integration with MPGS, CyberSource and Payvision
    • TCG has been integrated with MPGS, CyberSource and Payvision. Acquirers can easily sign new merchants or migrate current merchants to TCG.
  2. Transaction Laundering Detection
  3. Illegal Content Monitoring
  4. Patented Brand Discovery Mechanism
  5. Approved Solution in Mastercard Merchant Monitoring Program
    • Customers using TCG can enjoy an up to 100% penalty waiver by Mastercard.
  6. PCI-DSS Compliant
    • TCG was certified by QSA onsite audit.


Impact to The Payment Market

The volume of e-commerce sales reached USD2.3 trillion in 2017 and is expected to hit USD4.5 trillion by 2021. It is a tremendous, growing market which is highly attractive to banks. While there are great opportunities, there are also big risks. The immense transaction volume and advanced technology acts as a strategic cover for criminals and law breakers, facilitating more and more illegal transactions that are conducted through online stores. Consequently, card schemes have toughened the regulations to the industry, and many banks were penalized due to non-compliant transactions.

CyberSource, MPGS and Payvision are three popular payment gateways used by banks. As TCG has been integrated with these gateways, banks are able to easily incorporate TCG to monitor current and new merchants. Therefore, the infrastructure of the payment industry can be improved via the technology of TCG.